NORTH SHORES Coming soon.

For the last few days I have been locked into deepest thought fueled only by coffee and crumpets as to what to call my up coming spring exhibition regarding my images of the Scottish coast.. The working title was 'By Coastal' because I was always 'by the coast' (of course). But this did not really gel and most people thought it was something to do with my sexuality. Then one night I had a vision and decided to go with something really clever like ' Gab O May' which means cold and wet in olde worlde Scottish tongue and pretty much summed up my Northern adventures. This lasted for about an hour as I decided it was way too vague, even for me and I kept forgetting the 'Gab' bit.
So often we have the answers to many things right in front of us, and this exhibition/project title was no exception. From a very early age I remember being told we where going to the North Shores, mostly in the summer time, and yes you guessed it, it was the sea side, the Scottish Coast where my mother grew up and my Grandfather spent many years sinking in quick sand and falling into rock pools while looking for something to paint.
So there you have it NORTH SHORES coming to a gallery near you (if you live in London). Don't you just love it.....
Pictures to follow soon.

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