Just slow down you big fat print producing freaks....

My last post got me thinking about the whole photographic print thing which I happen to be a big part of as most of my images are aimed at the gallery side of things.
Not long ago galleries and collectors wouldn't touch a colour print if it wasn't a 'C Type' chemical based print. Mention the word injet and you may as well of said photo copy. They even changed the word to Gilcee to try and fool everyone, this was especially true of the William Eggleston exhibition in London some time ago.
Now it seems, if its big, anything goes. Image quality may be improving but I still have my doubts over the longevity of such processes. I get the impression that few care at the moment, but this may change when I buyer comes back a few years later demanding a refund for they now wishy wasy print. After sales services from photographers are probably as bad as a mobile phone shop..
I had a brochure from one of my labs telling me that I should get giant Glicee prints done because all the well know photographers in New York where getting them done now.
I cant help thinking there will be a price to pay (other than the print itself)..But I have to admit, those HP 3200 printers look the business....

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