A plate of Tate..

The few of you who read this blog may have noticed a slow down in my posting, well thats because everyone is either on holiday (see last weeks post) or too depressed (as the country talks itself into a resession) to read my jolly writings. So, negative thoughts aside I thought I would mention a few bits of Doyle-ness to your day....

Not that long ago I used to have a 'Cultural Thursday' with my old friend Max. Sometimes it would be a show, sometimes an art film. But more often than not we would see an exhibition. Today I decided to refresh the old cultural mind (without my friend I am afraid) and check out the Street and Studio exhibition at the very fine Tate Modern. Its a really great show looking at the origins of street and studio portrait photography up to the modern day.
The show is superb, even if you are not into portraiture, and gives real insight into the origins of much of the work we see today. I always find the vintage work far more interesting than the modern, in particular the quality of the images. It really is fasinating to see how much the quality changes over a century from a pin sharp beautifully rich in tones black and white 10 by 8" print of the 1880's to a soft grain washed out colour print the size of a billboard of the 1990's. I have stated my case here on the blog before regarding these 'personal issues' regarding quality and wont go there again today....

Its a great show so check it out (only one week left!)

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