Well with everyone on holiday (at least thats what it always feels like in August) there doesn't seem to be much going on. I always try to use these times to print up work I have not got round to doing, researching possible locations and plan future projects, well at least thats what I should be doing. But today I went through some of my old work (taken on various trips, see right) which got me thinking about the fact that I have never really had what most people term as a holiday. For most people a holiday is laying in the sun, seeing a few interesting places, and usually eating and drinking to near death each day.
The problem I have always had (if you can indeed call it that) is that if I am going somewhere new, I simply must take a camera, and I dont mean a snappy snap for capturing all those happy memories, no, I am talking about the same camera I use for my work (just imagine if Shackleton never took a camera with him, and that was a big camera). I guess it relates to the old saying; 'better to have it (camera) and not need it, than not have it and need it' that always makes me take that extra bag..

As my wife is a photographer she kind of understands where most would not. lets face it, there will always be times in a relationship when you both want to do other things on a holiday (flower arranging, watching bull fights or perhaps mud wrestling, climbing the big mountain etc..). A holiday with a camera is just the way I function, and I know I am not the only one. Opportunity plays a big part in all photography, especially regarding landscape, and therefore it makes perfect sense to me. In fact , the camera takes priority over everything else, well all you need are a pair of trunks and a towel..

I have never regretted taking my camera anywhere, even if I never unpack it. Its heavy, its awkward, its always checked at security, and its always a worry that it may get damaged, or stolen. People think I am crazy. But whats more daft, taking a big camera round the world and producing some fine photographs, or a suitcase full of clothes that will never be worn but still get creased....I rest my case (case, get it..)

I do have to admit to taking my camera on our honeymoon, which is where most would draw the line, but I did get some great shots....

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