Ian Parry Award.

You will no doubt of heard that Vincente Jalme Villafranca won the splendid Ian Parry Award. I was at the opening in the jungle like heat on Wednesday evening and the standard of the work really was exceptional, especially considering that these guys are so dam young. These events always attract old friends and allies within the photographic realm and tonight was no exception which is why I have always refrained from drinking too much allowing my tongue to say things beyond my control, things like; "Yes, I never did like you at college, you swine." or "That was my idea you swine." or even "May be I should of invested in that studio which is now part of a worldwide business, you swine..."

My favorite body of work was that of Matt Eich who also has an excellent website here.
Its a real shame there are not more awards of this type, maybe there are and I just have not seen them, and no the 'Take A View' with your mobile phone competition does not count.

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