The Desert will always remain..

I feel really privileged to now live in a State (California) where many great photographers have tread and made great pioneering images. In particular, Edward Weston was an influence for me early on and throughout my college years up and along the northern coast of England where the sun rarely shone.
I have been making images in California now for more than 20 years and started in a time when the dollar went a long way, always helpful on your first road trip. My first trip was solely a black and white affair with my Weston influences looking for desert dunes and Joshua trees.

 Mojave 2000

I loved California so much I came back a year later, but this time was very different as I had switched to large format and colour film.

For Sale. Mojave 2001
This was a real turning point for me and I would go on to shoot this way for many years producing several projects, some still ongoing.

Mojave 2020

In a time when a lot of people are reviewing their own past journeys and longing to get out somewhere, its nice for me to think of those early trips and fulfilling my ambitions as a photographer.

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