Not gone, but forgotten..

Railway Tracks, Niland, 2004/05
 I was reminded of this image recently by a very good friend whom I shared several trips with to the Salton Sea. Up until then I had completely forgotten about it even though it's been exhibited, published and written about (all be it some time ago).
This particular scene is from my 'Thursdays By The Sea' series made way back in 2004/05 when I was shooting 10/8 film. 
20 years prior to this image I made a similar looking shot, in black and white, from a bridge overlooking the railway track near my childhood home. I remember exposing for the light on the rails in order to render the rest of the area black, the same tecnique used here..
I think the original, a bit grainy and printed on Kentmere multi-contrast, fine-matt paper, is in my parents attic..

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