LA River update..

Sometimes with long term projects there's no real way of knowing which direction they may take. This has very much been the case with my Untold Stories series, LA River.
I knew that by making photographs in and around a dry river bed that sooner or later the rains would come, and they certainly did..
If you can imagine emptying your household rubbish into your bath, I'm thinking plastic bags, clothes, especially underpants, shopping trollys, and perhaps a chair, and then filling it with muddy water. Drain the water. Times all that by 100,000. You might get an idea what the LA River now looks like..
Great for new material. Not so great for the residents of The Hobo Jungle..

Fake Plant, 2017
Motorbike, 2017
 Lots of Trollies, 2017
Magic Gum Ball Machine, 2017

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