Quite Photography and Donuts.

'Donut' Mojave.

The Mojave Desert is a wonderful place, full of mystery and abandonment. I can get there in less than an hour (depending on the traffic and my mood) and it is a place I have frequented often in the search for a little bit of quite photography. I often find that places that may first appear to have very little photographic content often end up having the most as you have to look a little harder..

Although not the most striking of images I made this just before standing on a nail, an abandoned nail attached to a scrap of wood, so I thought I should post it. Having said all that, this image is a good example of the many man-made scars that litter the American landscape. The desert road, the dirty great pylons, and of course the Donut (Doughnut in English), a term, if you are not familiar, where some divvy pulls the handbrake in their car and skids around like a twit to form a 'donut' shape.
I guess the dramatic sky also adds a little something extra which makes me wonder that this may actually be quite a fine image..

"Not just of something, but about something.."
John Darwell.

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