Night Photography.

I am about to begin the mammoth task of digitizing my entire archive. This will be no easy feat, but thankfully having shot mostly on large format, (as apposed to medium format) there are not as many negatives as there could be. But theres still a lot...
As I begin to 'sort it out' its very apparent that Night Photography, or images made at night, has formed a huge part of my archive. With this in mind I do believe that I can speak with some authority on the subject matter started more than thirty (gulp) years ago. 

Rather than a boring load of old waffle, I have made a list which sums up my views on Night Photography. Well it would be rude not too..

1. Night Photography is when you make a photograph at night.

2. Night Photography is not the same as Photographs taken at night.

3. Night Photography is all about composistion.

4. Night Photography is boring with a lot of standing around (see 7)

5. Night photography is when people ask you what you are doing even though you are standing behind a camera.

6. Night Photography made with a digital camera is not better than with film, its just quicker.

7. Night Photography is easy, you just focus and count.

8. Night Photography needs three things; a good camera, a solid tripod, and most of all patience.

9. Night Photography is not an exact science, its mostly guess work.

10. Night Photography is done with a camera that was never designed to do Night Photography.

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