I took a stroll down to The Photographers Gallery this week as I was eager to check out the Saul Leiter show. This is a photographer I have always been a fan of, in particular his colour work, although I was intriged to see some of the black and white work on show also.

Ever since the PG reinvented itself as a place where not only could you see some photography, but also get fit climbing its many stairs, I have always been left cold by its lack of atmoshere, crappy lighting, and in my opinion, poor curation.

Sadly, once again the north winds blew and I had to readjust my scarf and put on my gloves. The various sizes of prints were either too big (they work best in book format having been shot on 35mm Kodacrome), or, like all the black and white, too small.
I never understand why galleries cannot just put framed images in a row and not up down and round the corner. Simple without distraction..

I did however like the quotes on the wall (see above). 

And so another body of work that through a mixture of elements makes me wonder why I keep going back to the tower of doom..

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