Standing corrected..

Was reading your blog and putting my lecturer head on I have to disagree with you re "Meyerowitz, Misrach, Evans, Adams, and all the others never changed their style".
Yes they did.
Meyerowitz went from 35mm street photography to large format landscape and back again and continues to move between the two.
Misrach went from grainy black and white stuff with Warhol to medium format black and white night pics to his big colour stuff to panoramics, reverse prints (negative) to digital to pixillated prints of super magnified digital images and continues to experiment.
Evans went from his street photography to the FSA style landscapes and people to colour to polaroids and semi abstract stuff at the end of his life.
Adams went from documentary 35mm to his large format stuff and back again with his Japanese interment camp pics.
and all the others never changed their style....bet they did/are!  Think of Paul Graham, Alec Soth et al.
Sorry couldn't help myself. ;-)
And I wrote;
"But did they change because they had to, or because they wanted to.."
But of course my good friend is right.. 

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