Oh its just like Paris. But not..

It was an interesting swaray at last nights Syngenta Awards.
Somerset House is a fine place to hold such events, as I am sure it will be for this years Photo London in May. It felt like an evening in Paris.

My Red Chair image was there, but despite its frequent use for brochures and invites, there was no prize for me. However on my return from the bathroom I did hear the words; California, drought, and project. But rather than a mention, this was to be the winning project comission for someone else. A fellow photographer-slash-nemiphis whispered the words; "Thats got to sting a bit.."  which confirmed my suspicions, and quite frankly, yes it did sting (like a giant bees arse spike) but only because the funding is ten times more than I recieved for mine.. But you know I have said it time and time again; 'Someone had either done it, Doing it, Or thinking about it..'

After another trip to the toilet, this time for a short weep, everyone entered the exhibition halls.
The show was a mixture of photography winners, and lets face it loosers. The winning shots were beautifully printed and framed, the other work, not so much. I later found that the winning work was printed at a different lab to the looser bunch. Because of this the show had become a bit of a disjointed mess, a shame because the venue is quite fabulous. 

All in all I found the whole thing a bit of a dissapointment. The overall winning work was good, but I have seen it all before and thought the photographer in third place should of came first, but thats just me.

Well whatever, whatever. The show might of been a dissapointment, but my dinner was delicious..

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