'Everyones a photographer these days' is a line I hear very often now. It is certainly easier to make a half decent image when cameras can do outragous things with the press of a single button, especially when activating HDR, surely the work of the devil. Having said that, I was aways taught that you should know how to use your camera without thinking. So wheres the problem...?
I believe a large thoughtless void has been created in a time when you can now click a shutter and have an image viewed by millions in a matter of seconds. The thought process between taking a shot, processing a film, making a contact sheet, editing the proofs, and then spending a day trying to get the image to look a certain way in the darkroom before letting it dry overnight has all but vanished as if it never exsisted.
I have always thought that patience should go hand in hand with photography, but sadly feel that virtue is fast dissappearing, be it waiting for a shot, or dealing with it. But thats easy for me to say working in a fine art market where there's as much rush as an Italians lunch hour. 
Truth be told I am nothing more than a nostalgist. My work is full of memory, moods and melancholey moments (read that about my work somewhere). I would like to cling onto the past and keep collecting boxes of film and prints, whilst working in a slow methodical fashion, but the time has come to move on..


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