You would be forgiven for thinking I may have lost my blogging ways when all I do is dig out old images and write about myself. But at least I'm a Blogger and not a Bragger. I despise that kind of self indulgent look at me shooting some fancy car surrounded by semi naked women covered in glitter with a budget the size of Cornwall. However, my diary is always open for a big fun shoot..
So looking back, the above image was taken in the spring of 98 in the Queens back garden (Regents Park) at a time when all I had was my trusty Mamiya 7. I always liked the movement of the blossom blowing in the wind. The image was later shown in exhibition I had in the West End (happy days) called Ghost. It was one of my first, and may I say, most successful shows I have had (again, happy days).
As for the image below, Dungeness about ten years ago and thats all you need to know.
It might be time to shoot something new...

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