Take a tablet.

I was talking with a very interesting chap over the festive period about how little we put pen to paper these days. Of course we all know that in a few years all the kiddies at school will have digital tablets and won't even know how to write their own name. As for myself, I like note pads, I like notes, and I still like to work this way using a nice Italian leather bound journal type thing. After some light debate we both came to the conclusion that maybe we should stop being so nostalgic and should move with the times, which is probably what they said after paper was invented when stone tablets were all the rage. And then it struck me. I had been having this same argument for years only instead of a pen and paper, it was film.


mark page said...

Happy New year! Thought it was about time I said hi, hi! Hope you are keeping well fella.

marcus doyle said...

Hi Mark,
And a Happy New Year to you too.
Its been Donkeys..