I have gotten a little lazy over the past twelve months choosing to slip an ipad into my bag rather than a print portfolio. The ipads compactness and way of making everything look better seems to have become the norm with a lot of photographers. But I like prints, and I sell prints, so prints it should be. Now my print book is a monster; 100 images and as heavy as you like. It breaks all the rules on showing work, which I love, and besides it looks fabulous.
There is, of course, reason in my madness. The foilo in question contains an edit of five projects with around 20 images in each, so you see its not actually that much. One should also consider that a project could be as much as 50 (or more if its a book project or something) so this is very much an edited down version.
Maybe I am trying to justify my own work and poor editing skills. Or maybe I should just go with my other portfolio; 30 images, but 3 feet across...

Bring on the big time...

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