A blue thingy.

 A Blue boat thingy. Dungeness. date forgotten.

I remember an interview with Joel Meyerowitz when he talked about an image of  blue boat from his wonderful Cape Light series published way back in 1979. What I liked about the image, and indeed much of Meyerowitz's landscape work, is that he claimed this particular image was not about a boat, or an object, it was about the colour of the boat, a boat that happened to be blue. I always liked this approach and have always found myself drawn to certain colours in a certain way. I do still wonder what would of happened if the boat was red, or yellow, or pink perhaps. Would the image still exist? all be it differently.
Its an interesting topic, photographing subjects solely because of a certain colour, but I guess it all depends on the colour. . (I have given myself a headache just thinking about it).

I have searched for the image in question using my www skills, but alas nothing and my copy of Cape Light is packed away, unless I sold it. So here is my version, the closet thing I could find, a blue boat (or is it a canoe). And what a lovely blue it is. Just don't mention the red and white caravan in the background..

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