What to do...

After some years of fighting for film I am of the realisation that the day will come when I will no longer be able to shoot on the medium I love. It may even shock you to hear that I will surrender my dark slides and announce that high end digital now is something I am easing into. But it's not a question of which is better for me (film or digital) its a question of evolving. My main gripe with digital is the thought process because basically there isn't one. The high cost of film makes you think and slows you down (I am talking large format here)  If that proposed shots not right you just don't make it, simple. People are constantly telling me if go digital you save on film but I would never spend 20k on film which may be spent on a camera. The only thought process there is do I have insurance.
I do find it interesting when photographers switch to digital but this isn't always so obvious when looking online. Prints however open up all kinds of flaws in the system.
Despite the limitless possibilities of the digital world I truly believe we have lost a lot of the creativeness that comes from the days of silver, you only have to look at the last century to see that.

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