Galleries: Who needs them ?

Seven years ago I had some form of representation with nine galleries covering Europe, the United States and the UK. Now I have two.. Like the Vampires in Lost Boys, no one gallery ended the same way; Some went quietly, some (most) left me in debt, and one even caught fire. Whatever the reason they all had one thing in common, each left a seed of doubt as to whether galleries were the way to go with my work. I mean why would an artist pay good money to have prints made, give them to a gallery to sell, and then if they do sell, only take 50% of the sale. I have asked myself this question many times.
The days of 'doing it for the love' are coming to an end my friends. Fine Art Photography (a term I despise) just doesn't pay anymore, well at least it doesn't for me..

On a ranteroonee note,
I also tire of photographers re-hashing the same old work over and over. Grand master Stephen Shore has recently released another version of his American Surfaces (at least I think it is). This time its called, A Road Trip Journal, which is basically a book full of food and motel receipts and is as interesting as a ball of wool. I am totally at home with exploring other avenues in my work, but I am not about to empty my pockets and photograph the fluff and boiled sweets that I find in the hope that someone will find it interesting.


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