Nighty Night..

After a splendid viewing of my new breathtakingly mighty Salton Sea prints, followed a constructive PR meeting at the gallery, I began to feel like a proper photographer  again and headed to the heart of Soho to meet a good friend and fellow photographer. At out liaison I went through my digitized portfolio, otherwise known as an excuse for an i-pad, and after a small espresso spill I began to ponder my work. I have always enjoyed my photography, and by that I mean looking through my own bodies of work often remembering the time and place with fondness. This also ties in with talking about my own work which I often do as a fine art thingybob photographer.
During my photography chitty chat it suddenly became clear that it was the night photography that brought me the most satisfaction, but why was this the case after almost two decades of shooting the landscape? I have a few theories on this, but here is my number one;

 Night Photography (good night photography) is not easy. Its can be very technical, sometimes unpredictable, sometimes dangerous, frustrating, often cold, wet, uncomfortable, tiring making it hard to think straight, and you need oodles of patience. Its not like putting a 10 stop filter over the lens on a sunny day hoping that the long exposure will make a misty masterpiece. Nor is it sticking a crappy image through Instagram  and putting it on facebook (there is no talent in this, put your phone away..). I have plenty more theories on the subject, but these may put you to sleep..

Good Night..

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