Limited Edition

Everything comes in a Limited Edition these days; Watches and Jewelry, Cars, Aftershave and Perfume, cans of Coke, and even food from McDonalds along with chocolate bars and a certain shade of lipstick. All this in a vein attempt to make you think you are buying something unique, precious and rare.. Which of course you are not. Everybody wants something original, but, at the same time, other people also need to have/ want it in order to make it desirable. (go work that one out).

I have worked with Limited Editions since I began to sell my images and the numbers have never changed. Its the first decision a photographer/ artist needs to make and is  the one thing that should remain the same. Unless that is you do a limited edition of the edition which is just stupid.  The price may go up, the price may go down, but an Edition should be final..
Whether its 1/1, 1/10, or 1/100 the importance of being true to these Editions is paramount otherwise we are left with something worthless, or worse still an Open Edition, which is beyond stupid and renders the work utterly worthless. 'Fiddling the numbers', (and by this I mean selling out the Edition and then selling more, or selling a last in the edition when its not even halfway) is considered fraudulent and you may land yourself in hot water..

Sadly, A Limited Edition, is an overused term today and one the advertising cretins have jumped on. But this will pass over time and we will hopefully be left with something of value in the market place.

Above, Monument Diner, 2004. Edition 7/7

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