Who Says the Camera Never Lies

Sarah Dunn

Daniel Radcliffe

Today we introduce beauty and portraiture photography from Sarah Dunn:

“The motivation behind my photography is and will always be the ability to improve on my past works. The more you shoot, the more experience you gain and the more opportunity you will have to build your skills. This is what moves me forward, always wanting to better my work.

“It is both a blessing and a curse!

The image above is “shot for a Potter portfolio celebration in New York on my Canon 5D. The shot is completely comped, the location is in London, who says the camera never lies…


“An older image, but one I still love. The cheekiness of his face always makes me smile. Shot on my Hasselblad on Kodak Tri-X film in London if I remember rightly.

Silence of the Lambs

“Shot for an Icons portfolio chosen by Steven Spielberg, location LA shot on a Canon 1DS.

Hayley Atwell

“My favourite beauty shot right now, a complete fluke as we snapped it quickly at the end of the day. Shot in London with my Canon 5D for Captain America. I love the spontaneity of it, the wind, the light, her expression, everything …

Dominic Monaghan

“Shot only last week in LA on my Canon 5D. We were shooting a moving photograph and I saw this still and snapped it, love the atmosphere and the shadow .

“In the future I intend to make the transition in to film making, basing all of it on the theories of my photography, moving photographs if you will…”

To see more of Sarah Dunn’s fantastic work here is her website sarahdunn.com.

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