Photography projects these days are like going to the gym, it just doesn't get any easier. I have often mentioned before that I have always found the hardest part of any photographic project to be the ending, not the beginning. But that's not to say its not difficult coming up with new ideas, in fact sometimes it feels impossible.
My old saying; "Someone's either done it, doing it, or about to do it.." Has never been more true (or so it seems) and I often catch myself thinking; 'bugger beat me to it!' every time I pick up a photography book in Foyles.
I had an idea the other day which just popped into my head without warning and I immediately began to doodle in my notebook like a crazed scientist on the verge of an invention breakthrough. After twenty minutes there it was. My idea was to pick various points along the coast (sound familiar), but this time point my camera out to sea in the dead of night and leave the shutter open for long long time. Basically my idea was to make photographs of nothing. No content, no light, but a long enough exposure would, in theory, pick out small details unseen by the naked eye along with the odd star and perhaps a passing plane.
So there you have it, all the beauty and interesting things in the world and I come up with this.
I have to admit, the idea is intriguing although probably not original by any means...

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