You do it then..

Car 21. Salton Sea CA 2008

There is a syndrome associated with photographers where upon a family member, friend, friend of a family member, fella in the pub, girl in a cafe, a neighbour, and even a business acquaintance such as an agent, gallery rep or even another photographer. In fact it could be anyone telling you that they have seen something that would make a brilliant photograph. It might be;
"An amazing tree like the one out of that film. It would make a great photograph."
"This derelict factory full of old cars, you can just duck under the fence and dodge the cctv. It would make an amazing photograph."
Better still;
"You've just got to photograph my friend Betty, she's just so beautiful. You could get an amazing set of photographs.."

I am sure you know what I mean by this and I for one am often told of how I could do a wonderful photograph of this that and the other. My first response is always to say (or think of saying), 'Well, why don't you make a photograph.' But I always end up taking there advice and actually heading out to a certain spot with my camera only to be frustratingly annoyed, but not surprised, that they failed to mention that the amazing tree is a Bonsai in a shop, or the car factory has no windows and a big dog with gnashing teeth patrolling the grounds, and that although Betty has nice skin, she has no teeth and tatty hair.

The only time I have not been disappointed, in fact it became a twelve month project, was when an old lady who lived in the desert and was constantly surrounded by flies told me about the Salton Sea.

Of course this syndrome is not just synonymous with photography. No matter what you do someone will always have a 'good idea' for YOU.

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