I am not a fan of the Snap Shot aesthetic. Even though I sometimes take to the street with a compact camera (but not since my camera went ca-poot) I tend not to point and shoot but point, compose, think about it for a split second, and then take one shot.
Look at the image above. At first glance it looks like I took it while falling backwards. But give it a chance and look closer. First you see the swings, then the bench, then the tree, then the car and back to the swings. Then you start to see other things like the graffiti in the background and perhaps that yellow pole on top of the swing. Then you realise everything is a shade of green which is quite unusual and the reason I was drawn to such a scene. So what started out as a Snap Shot, is in fact a well thought out image. Having said that, it doesn't mean its any good or you like it as much as I do.

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