What are you doing..?

Frinton On Sea. 2010

North Pier. Blackpool 2010

There comes a time in every project when your just not sure. For me its usually around halfway. You start to weigh up the costs involved. You might see work by others that may be a little similar which can be off putting. The work is not edited and can seem like a right jumble of nonsense (I tend to shoot and box up the images editing when 'I think' I am finished). And of course, lets not forget, sometimes you just loose interest.
As I have mentioned before, its not the starting of a project that's hard, Its the finishing. But I think the halfway point is the most dangerous as it can still go either way.
Its always good to pull out a few images now and then, reflect a little, and maybe even show a few goodies which is precisely what I have done here.

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