My lack of postage lately may have been caused by my discovery of this years twelve photographers short listed for the Prix Picket super dooper prize on the theme 'Growth'.
Having been entered for this and not making the short list, I was too busy weeping and could not bring myself to eat or go outside.

Joking aside the Prix Picket Twelve, as they shall become known, are all of the highest calibre and deserve to be there. Having said that there are a few I personally think don't fit the theme as well as some, but that's not to say the work is not superb.

So I have decided to give myself a prize of £60.00, which is 0.1 percent of the Prix Picket Prize, and have included my entry with the images you see here. These images are all about the 'Growth' of the tourism and leisure industry in Las Vegas and were part of my entry.
At least this way I will feel like a winner and will probably spend my prize on a nice three course meal and perhaps an Appletinie.

And if you were wondering. My favourite to win is Mitch Epstein.

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