I do believe I made photographic history today by obtaining the last box of Fuji Matt 20/24" C Type paper in the UK. Maybe you will remember the scene from Willy Wonka when they are auctioning off the last case of Wonker Bars, well it was nothing like that, but I did find it quite shocking to hear that Fuji are no longer making any other paper size other than big rolls for humongous prints which also double up as a circus tent supports once the paper has finished.
Another fine move by the big twits at Fuji who only go by what the crappy amateurs want for their soft focus, starbursted, foggalized pictures of daffodils, or perhaps a ginger kitten..
What I really don't get is that Fuji have just realised a film camera this month and before you say well I will just get the film scanned, what about my contacts sheets on 10/12" paper. !
To be honest I don't know why I am bothering because I hate Fuji paper and film for that matter and only got the box today because they had no Kodak. No doubt they will follow suit especially after the losses they made last year which where somewhere in the region of eighty zillion dollars...

Some of us aren't ready to sell a kidney for the price of a Digital camera..

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