Penelope Cruz

I came across this wonderful dreamy image the other day by Patrick Shanahan and immediately looked for more of his work on line. I am finding it hard to put into words just how I felt about Shanahan's work and have to admit at looking at his work for longer than usually do. Is it the composition, is it the contrast, is it the ultra sharpness, is it the colours, or is it all of these things. In truth I don't know. Its good work thats for sure, I just don't like it.
I don't normally put up work on the outrageous B Mode I don't dig unless its so bad I want to wrestle a giant Pitt Bull, but this is different because it has everything I like but at the same time It leaves me cold.. Its a bit like Penelope Cruz (the actress), she has everything a man desires. Nice hair, bright eyes, fine figure, but so has my dog. Good looking lass, she just ain't my type...

With comments like these I should be on the telly (with Penelope Cruz..)

I have no issues whatsoever on criticizing others work if I have found it online, it is after all out there on public display and I welcome any such criticisms on my own work, gladly. Just so you know...

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