Six Inches...

Hopefully the madness is waining now that the snow on the roof tops begins to melt. I trust you all had a nice holiday..
Despite what I said in a previous post (last April I believe) regarding the snow and how I would not take pictures just because it was snowing, and my more recent post on how I was doing less and less night work, I loaded up a few dark slides and headed out last night in the glow of the orange mercury vaporized clouds. Amidst the puzzled on lookers, and the odd curtain twitcher, I had quite a nice time trudging down my street, the cold air nipping at my baldy head.
It was nice to get out after a day realizing I am a lousy shot with a snowball (I thought I was good..).

Shot above is not the UK despite all this snow, its Montana, they got 2 feet in a day...!

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