Where have you been..


                                                                                                         Marion, Indiana 2021. Marcus Doyle


 I'm often fascinated by the path certain photographers take in their lives and realize its often not what people would assume. Stephen Shore is one photographer that springs to mind, with most people only knowing him for the trips he made in the 70's and 80's across America. During one of Shores gallery talks some years ago I was intrigued to hear about the time Shore got married, moved to Montana and became a fly fisherman from 1980-1983. After his fishy stint, Shore then went on to produce his finest, and most important body of work American Prospects, published in 1987. I found this really fascinating in the same way I found Daniel Day Lewis' detour from acting to make shoes only come back a few years later and win an Oscar.

Not wanting to, but most willing to compare myself in such matters as Shore and Lewis, I have been; a survival instructor, a personal trainer, a knife maker (that's right), and very briefly a male model (very long ago, hair, slim, didn't know any better). But photography has always remained my number one passion, and with that a career I continued to pursue throughout my meanderings as; a knife wielding, iron pumping, forest dwelling, strike a pose northern Englishman.  

The changes in circumstance over the years, (most noticeably my move to another country),  have always brought a new and refreshing perspective not just to my work, but to life in general. I'm sure there's a song in all this somewhere, but sadly music is something I never got into...

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