Going back to the old 6/17 format and using film has been a real joy. In a photographic world set on giving the photographer limitless possibilities its good to work on a somewhat fickle format and its many limitations; measuring focus, cocking shutters, making sure the lens cap is off, winding on film to the right spot, closing the lens, working out the exposure and filter compensation, and a few more things I always forget. But then I remember, limitation equals more creation.
As a predominantly 'landscape' photographer  you often want a lot in shot from side to side, but not so much in front. This is where the panoramic format comes into play. 
There is still a part of me that thinks that the format is still a bit long and silly but that hasn't stopped me shooting with it over the past ten years or more. In fact I dug out the ones I liked and added a new page to my website. 

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