Number 1. Lake Arrowhead. 2019

Whether I like it or not, the influences of American photographers working in early color is still with me. The likes of Eggleston, Shore, Meyerowitz, Misrach may be somewhat of a mystery to today's young and upcoming photographers but these guys carved the way.
Be it large format digital, or an Instagram image made with an iphone, the imagery and ways of seeing today is nothing new. Having said that, I am pretty sure that one day someone will come up with a most simple photographic idea no ones really thought of. They will become a pioneer carving a new path in this over-saturated market, stunning the photo-world like the color landscapes and images of the everyday mundane did in the 70's.
You never know, we might look back on that book of selfies and think it was all tantamount to genius.  But lets not get carried away..

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