Joys of the print.

The above image is a simple one, but one I hold dear for a three reasons;
Firstly it was my first colour image made with a large format camera. Second to this, it was made in the grounds of my old school, a place where I first learned how to process and print a photograph.  And finally it was this image that prompted me to come up with the term Doyle Blue in relation to the twilight colour of the sky. Despite my efforts to pass off the colour Doyle blue on Wikipedia, which lasted a whole three weeks, I was unable to convince anyone that this was a real thing, but it is..

Anyways, the real reason I decided to blog about this image is all down to a recent print sale of, the White Picket Fence. As we are now in a digital era I had to did out the negative, scan it, and then print it. Not unusual of course but it got me thinking that a digital image really has no value unless its printed. All those millions of virtual images on hard drives, computers and phones are all utterly worthless, until that is, they are printed. Only then can we hold it, sign it, and give it some value. I am of course writing from a fine art perspective, but its something I have not really thought about too much as it just makes me a bit sad.

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