The Brothers Douglas.

Back in my college days in the early 90's a duo by the name of The Douglas Brothers were all the rage. Their prints were usually done using the lith printing method along with bits of tape and pen scribbles. Everyone on my year thought they were the business and made haste in trying to emulate their style.  I on the other hand was not taken up with this darkroom sorcery as I much preferred a clean technically perfect print.
Heres one I remember below.
And here's the revamped stuff below.

Anyways, 20 years on and the Douglas brothers archive has since been rediscovered, and indeed reinvented. (You can read all about it here )
What were once small rough prints, with tape and scribbles, are now giant clean prints in beautiful white frames. To my eyes this new reinvention simply doesn't work (when does it ever). Whether it did before, well I cannot really remember as I was too busy trying to perfect my prints..
The show is on at the Kopeikin Gallery in LA.

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