Film Time..

On a recent trip to Joshua Tree I took a notion and unpacked my old 4/5 view camera. The camera itself had not seen daylight for a number of years, but the old girl still looked to be in working order even with the various arrays of gaffa tape holding it together.
I thought it might be interesting to do some really long exposures of the night sky. So after spending a small fortune on 10 sheets of film I was looking forward to going old school for a while.
Its not really been that long, a few years, but what struck me was the amount of effort it took to obtain one exposure. With so many things to remember (cocking shutters, closing shutters, inserting dark slides, removing dark slides, etc, etc.) It felt like I was a proper photographer again. I had also forgotten how heavy these things are, especially with a big fat tripod.. Or maybe I had just become weak with my ever so light digital do it all..
As for the images, well they are at the lab so I will have to wait. But thats the bit I really like..

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