Above are just some snappy observations on a day out to scratch the itchy trigger finger..

 Of course I could of done these on my phone. Would of been a whole lot quicker, and probably of looked better once I added a few filters...
People have it in their heads that things need to be instant and look a certain way these days. Once upon a time imperfections and flaws where what made an image special. I've even seen photographs of decaying interiors that have been air brushed, a huge contradiction which begs the question; What are you actually trying to say.

Sadly 'photography' has become too easy and its not surprising when seasoned photographers throw hissy fits when some teenager announces his new fashion campaign or book of photographs.

Photography means 'painting with light'. If you dont know this, or do this, then don't call yourself a photographer. You are something else, I just don't know what..

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