The Land that time forgot..

I will never get tired of visiting my old shooting haunt in and around the Salton Sea.
Its ever changing heated landscape draws me in just when I think I am done with the place. 

I still get a little trigger happy in these places, something Edward Western referred to as 'Postcard Syndrome'. Everywhere you look has the potential of a photograph, but this often makes things harder, not easier. As a firm believer in the less a place has to offer the possibilties there often are (is that a quote, I am not sure), the Salton Sea can be one fickle mistress.

 During my last few visits to The Sea I have left the tripod in the truck. The earlier work was all about the quality of light at the end of the day. The combination of dusk, dust and decay made way for the most beautiful of images. All well and good, but not suited for everything.. Besides, waitng around for 10 minutes worth of light in 120 degrees was never fun.
Going into the apocolyptic landscape without a tripod (and a very big camera) did free  me up somewhat should I of stumbled upon any Zombie type beings (or Dinosaurs) and had to fight them off..

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