Vehicular Rebirth..

 Coup Deville. Encino
Merc with smashed window. Burbank

There are three kinds of photography project; A finished one, A one started with no intention of finishing,  and an ongoing one you keep finishing, but then add more..

My 'Vehicular Landscape' series has been going on for ages. In fact, the first solo exhibition I had in London was a series of abandoned cars with the terrible title, Dumped (now changed of course). It might even have been 20 years ago, but my aging mind has forgotten. 
Some time ago (again I cannot remember), I expanded the 'dumped car' idea to included cars parked, often in strange places, or all alone like a lost cat. I also changed the title as I love saying the word 'Vehicular' in an  Southern American accent. 
What I like most about the VL project is that the cars are often gone the next day and is something that cannot be repeated. They are like intruders within the landscape, and I like it..

I have seen a fair few projects in a similar vain (my wife has been snapping 'Sweet Rides' on her iPhone for years, a touchy subject). But these are often just pictures of cars. From its early beginings I have looked for vehicals (and other subject matter) that harmonize with their surroundings and have become part of the landscape, hence the real reason for the title..

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