New Major Project.

 Turbines, CA 2012

Hydro Power Facility, Torness, UK 2009

 Solar Panels, Lake Balboa, CA 2016

Following on from the Virtual Water series I wanted to look at 'renewable energies'. This is something I have touched on a few times along the way, but have decided to take a more in depth approach. 
The hardest thing for me is to produce work that doesn't mimic what has gone before (wind turbines at sunset, see above, the new solar project in the Mojave that everyone went out and photographed and even produced books of, that sort of thing). 
As I am here in California, I am starting with Solar as its the most excessible, and at this stage the most obvious (to me) considering the weather patterns. However, as I am still in the research stage I am sure my views will change over time..

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