The world of Fine Art Photography, which I stepped into sometime ago, is a fickle business which I often think is like being an actor; You can spend years trying to get somewhere while seemingly being surrounded by people who get there, that somewhere, with no bother at all, (and their works crap compaired to yours..)
Then theres the time everybody wants your work and you might feel a little bit popular and good that you have achieved something, despite your parents telling you to get a proper job. You have countless exhibitions and even get a book deal with your own front cover and ISBN number and have to create a grovey signature so you can have a book signing for all your fans.
Then the phone stops ringing and the emails are nowhere to be found. Maybe they have found the next best thing. Younger, more interesting, with better work (although its still crap). They are cheaper all round and may be have unlimited funds from somewhere which allows them to travel anywhere they fancy..
Or maybe the gallery that thought they were big time have closed and run off with all your money....

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