Shore The Revamp Tramp..

The images in Winslow Arizona, which Stephen Shore shot in a day while revisiting Winslow, Arizona, where he made his seminal work American Surfaces, are presented unedited, in the order that he shot them, making it an improvisational work. 

 Two things went through my mind when I spotted this book ealier today. The first was, oh goody a new stephen Shore Book. The second was; its never a good idea to revisit a place where you made your best work and try and do it again.. In a day...

I came across Shores this book today and starting from the back (as I always do with books) read Shores afterword.  I was intrigued that Shore swaped his 10/8 Deardoff for a Nikon DX3 (lets be precise here) to do this particular work but claims the thought process and technique, ie, one shot editing as you go, was the same. Something I do not believe for one jiffy.
The images are dull, tiresome, and basically look like the work of an aspiring student trying to emulate him.  I for one don't buy it, and wouldn't by it.

 You can wrap it up and package it how you like but that won't make it any better..

I was always told that if you had a great holiday somewhere you should never go back thinking it will be as good..

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