Cuba and the digital revolution..

 When most people think of images of Cuba they picture big old cars and old leathery women smoking cigars. Of course I was aware of this on my most recent trip and soon discovered the place to be just as I had imagined, all be it much hotter and humid than expected.
Rather than point my camera in the direction of 'classic' Cuban stereotypes I discovered a fascination with  butchers shops and old tatty motorcycles.
This was also the first time I have done a trip with just a digital camera. It was a terrifying experience as I was not sure I could
 pull it off, but I seem to have somehow managed. It reminded me of the days when all I had with my was a 35mm camera and five rolls of film. There was always a sense of freedom with this sort of photography even with its restrictions.


Lynn Honour said...

Hi Marcus. Great to see your shots from Cuba, some very familiar but interesting to see how a different person gets a different perspective (obvious statement I know but a couple of these bring it home!) Love your cigar smoker ... say no more (!) Lynn

marcus doyle said...

Hi Lynn,
Thank you for the comments.
It was nice to sneak off once in a while and take some snaps. Should I return in February I may have to take a bigger camera..
Hope all is well...