Boring but interesting..

This image didn't make the website. In fact I don't even like it, just looking at it bores me and makes me feel a little nauseous. Perhaps its the yellow chair, that horrid carpet, or the torture device against the wall. What's interesting though is the fact that this was the reception area for Scotties Castle in Death Valley, a crappy tourist destination that you will be well advised to steer clear of and save yourself twenty bucks. I also intrigued by that dark area in the top left just waiting for someone to jump out and get you, or me, and maybe the serviette holder that looks like its about to fall on the floor.  But thats about it..

I have always had an issue with boring, but interesting images. To me it doesn't matter how interesting an image is, if its not visually stimulating I just don't want to spend time with it. 

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