The last border patrol.

As I await the repeating of my earlier egg based sandwich my journey back to the south allows me to ponder the last weeks events as I ventured once more into the fray.
I was never really enthused about finishing my borders project (my initial intention). This may have had something to do with well, just what will I do with it once its finished as another gallery, publisher and agency closes. But it wasnt long before the inner depths of photographic desire erupted and I was soon back to the Doyle ways with a keen eye and flapping dark cloth.
My plans to make an exposure throughout the night were dashed thanks to an unexpected minus 10 degrees and a frozen camera. this was despite conditions being perfect, clear and still. I had simply forgotten what happens to metal and glass when the temperature plummets, and besides, it is summertime afterall and I hadn't realised I had wandered into an Archtic Tundra by mistake.
Hopefully this chapter sees the end of a major project  started a decade ago. As usual there were no fireworks, just a slight tingle as the shutter made closure on what has been a dark and cold, but altogether fruitfull project.

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