My old friend, the cold night.

This week seen me venturing out into the dark abyss with what was to be my first night outing for some time. I had decided begin my new project in January realizing I need more time to think about the structure and content (and possibly free my mind of my student ways, MA done and dusted with a cherry on top, or rather on the side as I like to be awkward).

Without giving to much away the plan for the new project is basically very long exposures, with darkness and nothingness. This can only be done with film and Fuji are very kindly sponsoring the project and have given me oodles of film to play with. The sad reality here is that this may be the last major project shot on large format film as who knows what will become of it, but lets not go there just yet.

So back to the other night. Well after donning the thermals, giant boots and a woolly hat, I crunched my way through the frosty leaves looking for something worthy of a £10.00 shot. (I refer to the cost of film here) To say I was a little rusty (or maybe that should be frosty) would of been a slight understatement; pulling the slide of of its holder before putting it in the camera, thumbing with apertures and dropping my torch (happens a lot), forgetting my stopwatch, not tightening the tripod legs after having my hand stick to one of them, forgetting to wipe the lens from condensation, falling over like a pensioner (twice), and finally doing a twenty minute exposure before realizing I hadn't loaded the camera.  But I eventually prevailed and after a few hours I was a natural and back to the old ways.

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