It had been some time since I'd felt the salty breeze on my large friendly face and thoughts of my 'By Coastal' project filled my mind as I headed for the coast. 
I have always liked arriving at the sea side and the feeling of arriving, knowing that you can't really go any further without getting wet..
Anyways, I was taking a small Night Workshop by the sea for some third year students and in an attempt to re-kindle my Night Photography I had brought along my tired and battered 5/4, camera of champions. Without going into too much detail the type of night photography I do lends itself to this format. (It is also very good to demonstrate technique and composition thanks to the ground glass screen). You may be able set your digital camera to the highest ISO setting and hand hold the swine to get daylight looking night shots, but once those babies are anything bigger than a 10/8 print, your looking at trouble. So imagine my delight when I beheld students lugging large format cameras and big tripods. This was most encouraging and of course their images will be the best and win all the prizes...

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