The Return..

Abandoned Caddy. North Shores, Salton Sea. 2005/2006

One hot day in July 2006 we made a book edit in a hotel room in Santa Monica USA. It took a couple of hours and I remember thinking of the story I had heard when Robert Frank and his agent at the time done the edit for The Americans which also only took a few hours. With this in mind I day-dreamed of producing something as fine and famous as Frank.
The images in question were taken in and around the Salton Sea area in California, a place I had spent the last twelve months photographing obsessively amongst the mire and the deluge that was. After the edit was finished, which really was quite straight forward and a bit of an anti-climax as these things tend to be, my agent and I went for pancakes excited about the prospect of the new book; "Day trips To The Seaside".
Without boring you again with the logistics, the book was shelved and lay in dormant in a New York apartment. That is until now. I received these forgotten images this week, still in the same box I remember covered in post-its and reference notes and doodles. Pristine and bright like the day they where printed I worked my way through the series flooded with memories and feelings of importance. It was a wonderful experience going through the 80 images that made up the final edit with at least 80 percent of the work having not been seen in some six years.
I have mentioned on here many times my theory that every photographer peaks at some point in their career. After looking back over these images I am now wondering if I may have already done so...

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