I am almost at the end of my photography shooting break and shall soon be dusting off the old battered 5/4 to venture out again in search of photographic treasures. Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, darker and often more clear, I look forward to producing some new Night Visions, something I have not done for some time.
I happened to be in the gallery today delivering some prints when a couple walked in browsing the current group show of which I have a couple of pieces showing. It was clear that they liked my work and I offered to show them some of latest Doyles fresh from the darkroom. Its been a while since I talked passionately about my own work, my inspirations and reasoning for shooting this that and the other, but its something I always tune into if someone is shows a genuine interest.
Of course it will be nice if that lovely couple come back and purchase something, but the passion for my work has been ignited and that is simply priceless..

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